Why HolistiCare Physical Therapy?


  • HolistiCare Physical Therapy is owned and operated by Doctorate level Physical Therapists whose credentials, knowledge, and training are the new gold standard in the Physical Therapy profession.
  • Treatments will be provided 1 on 1 by Doctorate Level PT’s for 60 minutes per session, including customized treatment programs to help patients achieve their goals.
  • HolistiCare Physical Therapy offers a truly holistic approach. By combining modern Western Physical Therapy with traditional Eastern healing practices, we can achieve results for difficult diagnoses that normal Physical Therapy clinics struggle with.
  • We will provide you with honest, authentic Physical Therapy examination, prognosis, and treatment. If we feel you will not benefit from Physical Therapy, we will be the first to refer you to the appropriate health-care professional.

1350 South King St. #300 Honolulu, HI 96814

Phone: 1-808-348-6336

Fax: 1-808-744-8571

Email: holisticarept@gmail.com

Office hours:

Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm

Saturday: 8am-5pm

Sunday: closed